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Welcome to Eternal Bonds!

Feel free to voice out your opinions and ask for help. Don't be shy. =]

Have fun and build good memories of this game together! And be active in guild chat, we love to talk! XD
Guild News

Crystal Altar

mcsiu, Jan 29, 12 8:02 AM.
So, instead of talking about them, here is a screenshot of Lakhesis wearing all those stuff from the Crystal Altar. :D

24 January

mcsiu, Jan 24, 12 10:12 AM.
This week we have the Dragon/Phoenix Martial Artists again, the Mysterious Sand Gourd and a new addition in those chinese zombie hats with a charm paper on it (I <3 the Munak and Bongun story from Ragnarok Online).

No luck in finding those cute head bunnies to wear though. The cheapest one over the week was at 2.5k, way above my current gold purse (spent too much for those fame in Aven and a few more crafting titles).

Guild Facebook Group

mcsiu, Jan 24, 12 10:02 AM.
If you have a facebook account, you can join us in our facebook group now!

Add me ( Martin Siu ) or talk with Mikitotefu / HoneyLemon to be added in there.

Eternal Bonds


Rucci, Jan 9, 12 4:21 AM.
SO What's up guys?

Mysterious Aviator Shades

mcsiu, Jan 8, 12 9:16 AM.
star_aurion is looking for someone to take her aviator shades and leave 3k gold in her purse. Know anyone looking for it? Bargain or PM Lakhesis/star_aurion
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